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My Favourite Apps for Saving (and Making Money)

So, I’m in love with my cell phone.  I’m the worst with it.  Like if I don’t have it with me, my chest actually feels tighter.  I use it for EVERYTHING.  Banking, games, keeping in […]

Five Things You Can Give A Dog With An Upset Stomach

Disclaimer – I am not a vet and I do not know your dog.  Use it all at your own risk and talk to your vet if you’re not sure. So this is our dog […]

How to Cut Your Baby’s Nails

Thinking how to cut your baby’s nails?  Read on… Here’s how to NOT cut your baby’s nails.  Do not cut your baby’s nails while they are awake.  They WILL squirm.  You WILL cut their finger […]

New Resources from Eat Right Ontario

  So this is going to be a quickie – Eat Right Ontario has released some tips, recipes, etc. on the theme “Food Choices When Money is Tight”. With the minimum wage going up, I […]

Why I Love College Cookbooks

  What are the similarities between me – a stay at home mom – and a typical student? Both of our Saturday nights include getting puked on and a good night’s sleep is basically a […]