Why have I started this at all? Well, since the time that blogs have been a thing, I have had people tell me all the time “Mel, you should start a blog.”  And I was always like, “Yeah right loser, my life isn’t that interesting.  Obviously I would love to start a blog and create a scenario where Emma Stone would play me in the movie version.  But what would I even have to write about?”

Then a few things happened in my life, including having the cutest baby in the world, which made me really sit down and think about my life.  The way I was living and the way I wanted to be living.  And here’s what I concluded…

I spend too much of my time feeling busy and cluttered.  Our house – while not at all extravagant – is packed to the brim with junk and I have a mental list of 100 other things that I want to buy.  Our time is packed but when I really look at it, the important stuff is cluttered with things that are really actually stupid.   Our money always seems to be gone as soon as it arrives, but it’s hard to see what value I’m getting for it.

All of this is to say that I am a hot mess of a mom and I just want to get by and get the most out of my life.  Remove all the clutter, whether physical or mental, and really go to basics.  Figure out how to be the best darn mom and house manager out there. I want to get as much value as possible, waste as little as possible and have everything in my life be there for a reason and a purpose.   I want to simplify in a way that is more than frugality (although that will be a big part of it).

So that is what this is all about – my attempts at cutting down on the stupid things in life, as well as just some stuff that I have learned since I took on the full-time job of Vice-President of this house.

And if Emma Stone stumbles across this, becomes a fan and then buys the rights to play me in the movie version, then I will take it.  And then we will obviously become best friends at the premiere.  Then play hilarious practical jokes on each other that she will talk about in interviews.  At one point, I will enlist Ellen to help me out and pull off a doozy of a prank that goes viral.   But I’m getting ahead of myself.

(P.S. PLEASE leave me feedback.  I have never done anything like this before, have no idea what I am doing and could use all the help that I can get!)

(P.P.S. DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on anything (unless of course you count Friends trivia).  Therefore, please do not interpret anything here as medical, legal or any sort of professional advice.  This blog is for information / entertainment purposes so use it all at your own risk.)

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