Ways to Make Your Favourite Food Healthy

Ways to Make Your Favourite Food Healthy

Hey everyone – we’ve got a guest post today courtesy of my new friend Brittnay from the Nut Butter Hub.  Brittnay is an Australian who lived in London for the past two years.  She managed to squeeze in 21 trips to Europe & Africa in that time . She passionate about travel, health and nutrition, you will find her healthy and delicious recipes on The Nut Butter Hub

Junk food is great right? It’s scrummy and tasty and moreish, but it’s not always so great for our health. Full of salt and fat and sugar, junk food can be really bad for us. Being healthy is a great idea, but it can be hard to cut out junk food completely. The yummy likes of deep dish pizza, chocolate and ice cream make it difficult to avoid, but don’t worry! Here are some healthier alternatives to junk food, and ways to make your favourite food healthy.  

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ice Cream

Ice cream is the classic guilty pleasure, but you often feel guilty after eating it. There are loads of healthier alternatives to ice cream, which still give that sweet hit. Why not try frozen yogurt or even a dairy free option instead of the usual full-fat ice cream. If you want to be super healthy, how about a sorbet, for the ultimate guilt-free frozen treat.

Up Your Pancake Game

Pancakes are a super tasty breakfast treat, but they certainly aren’t the healthiest. Pancakes can be made with bananas and oats, for a much healthier alternative and you hardly notice the difference! They are nice and sweet because of the banana, so you won’t be tempted to add loads of syrup. Try out this delicious recipe.

DIY Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, but it’s not super healthy by any means, and it’s full of calories. Making your own pizza can help cut out some of those calories and cut down on the fat content.

Pizza can even be made with a tortilla wrap as a base instead of dough. Try topping your pizza with smoked veggies.Putting the veggies in a natural gas smoker will ensure you don’t have to load up on cheese or fatty meats to add flavour. Try using eggplant or mushroom as they hold a lot of flavour and texture.

Ditch The Fizzy Drinks

The amount of sugar in fizzy drinks makes it a really unhealthy drink to be drinking all the time. We all know water is best for us, but sometimes it’s hard to stick to plain H2O! Making flavoured water couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is pop some berries in your water bottle for a tasty thirst-quenching treat!

Sweet Alternatives

Soft and hard candy can be so tempting, and once you’ve started, it can be hard to stop. Why not substitute candy for a few squares of dark chocolate, or a handful of raisins to get your sweet fix?

Ditch The Chippie

Ditch the deep fryer and opt for the oven if you are after making your fries healthier. You’ll be surprised how little oil you need to make some tasty oven baked fries. You can also use sweet potato for a healthier alternative, and sweet potato is one of your 5 a day! Add some herbs and spices to make a really scrummy treat, just like these.

Bake Your Own

Once you get started on cookies, it’s hard to stop. Swap out your usual chocolate chip cookies for a healthier granola bar. You can make healthy granola bars with oats and add nuts, berries and seeds to personalise. You can make them without any sugar at all; honey and syrups make a great alternative to processed sugar. Have a look at these recipes for healthy granola bars.      


There are so many switches and swaps you can make to create healthier versions of your classic comfort foods. Making simple changes to your usual junk food items can keep you feeling light on your feet, whilst still feeling like a treat when you eat.

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