Where to Donate Used Items

Where to Donate Used Items

If you are trying to declutter, you can sell your stuff on sites like VarageSale or Kijiji.  However, you may also be wondering where to donate used items.  However, this is going to be pretty focused on the Greater Toronto Area so I’m sorry to all of my super cool international viewers.

So Less is More Living means that we are getting rid of stuff like crazy!  I already talked about things in my kitchen that I don’t need anymore, and continue to work my way, room through room.  But now there’s the question of what do I do with it all? I could sell it.  But I hate dealing with people on Kijiji, etc. etc.  We could have a garage sale, but it’s winter and I’m impatient.  Plus, who doesn’t like a little charity in their life?

So, here are some options:

Pet Items

Note: These include the obvious (food, beds, crates, etc.) and the not-so-obvious (canned fruit/veggies, baby food, towels).  Check each link for details.

Baby/Children Items


Household Items

I will continue to update this as I learn of new places where you can donate used items.

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  • U can also donate clothes to play it again Val on Harwood ave. It’s a consignment store as well but if they’re not able to sell it they will donate it to sick kids, especially beautiful gowns

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