How I Plan on Parenting Like My Parents

How I Plan on Parenting Like My Parents

Parenting ideas I’m totally ripping off from my parents…

A timeline of how I have viewed my parents:

  • Birth-11 years old: My parents are the coolest and know everything.
  • 12-19: My parents don’t know anything and I know everything. Also, bangs are a good idea.
  • 19 – present: Nope, I’m an idiot. My parents had it right for a lot of stuff all along.

I’ve especially been thinking a lot about my parents and my childhood since I had Wolfie. What kind of childhood did I want him to have? What did my parents do that now seems like a great idea that I’m totally ripping off?

Obviously my parents aren’t perfect and I don’t want to copy everything they did. I mean, look at this haircut:

I will not put Wolfie through that. No child should have to go through that.  (The yellow bathing suit isn’t fantastic either.)

Anyway here are a few things I love that my parents did that I plan on copying with Wolfie.

Showing That I’m in Love

My mom always says that the best gift a mother can give her children is to love their father. Cheesiness aside, my parents are #relationshipgoals.  They SO into each other – like they literally STILL have super crushes on each other after 36 years.  It’s awesome!

Growing up, my parents always told each other “I love you”, always complimented each other and kissed in front of us. We knew our parents were in love and I’m glad for that.  One day, Wolfie is going to base his idea of romantic love on us.  My hope is that Wolfie sees that his mom and dad love each other too and that it’s okay to be mushy and affectionate and romantic.

Making Him Do Chores

Obviously, I hated this when I was a kid.  What kid wants to come home from school, have a snack and then get started on cleaning the bathroom? No one.  To this day, I am all “less is more cleaning” and a bit of a sloppy mess.  (“A bit?” says the Blake voice in my head, complete with eye roll.)

However, I am SO glad my mom made that tacky, Bristol board chore chart on our fridge and made us stick to it.  Why?  Not only did it teach me the basic life skill of cleaning, but it taught me that I exist in a team and that I am expected to contribute to that team.  My parents did not wait on us hand and foot and we are the better for it.

Making Memories and Moments Matter

Pictures are memories captured in time, so says my dad.  And we are picture people.  My parent’s house is basically an album of our lives.  Pictures are everywhere.  For the most part that is a good thing.  (The teenager years were incredibly unkind to me…you think that hair up there is bad?)  Our life wasn’t an accumulation of things.  It was an accumulation of experiences.  We went on some cool trips together, we saw some great plays together, we had fun together. And it has been all documented.  So already, Wolfie is used to having a camera in his face.  Kid better get used to it.  I want him to be able to see his whole life too later.

I’m sure as Wolfie gets older, there will be other things that I will go full “my mom and dad” on.  But the point is, the older I get, the less that seems like such a bad thing.

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