5 Things In My Kitchen That I Cannot Live Without

5 Things In My Kitchen That I Cannot Live Without


Blake is a true minimalist and if it were up to him, we would scrap everything we own and just have about 3 things.  Obviously that would be ridiculous, but we do have a lot of stuff.  And I am trying to declutter starting with my kitchen as noted here.

However, no matter what I get rid of, there are a few things that I am keeping right down to the very bitter end.  (Obviously I am being dramatic.  Obviously I can live without these things.  I just really, really don’t want to.)

My Bittman’s

Mark Bittman is my foodie hero.  Have you seen his Ted Talk?  Just brilliant!  So, I’m a fangirl for a food writer.  I’m not even embarrassed about that.  It all started with his book – How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.  I found it in a bargain bin during one of my ill-advised and poorly planned vegetarian phases.  It’s awesome and has everything – obviously awesome recipes but also tips and explanations.  Seriously – I refer to these books all the time.  I use a ton of his recipes including his sweet potato soup.  Super awesome!  So obviously I had to also buy How to Cook Everything to complete the set.  I can’t say enough about these cookbooks – they’re comprehensive and a great foodie beginner gift.


When you’ve got a lot of stuff to chop, a mandoline is a freaking life-saver!!!  Plus it keeps it all perfectly evenly sized – nice for the clutz who cannot chop the same thing twice to save her life!  (Con: pain in the butt to clean but you’ll have all that extra time from not manually chopping 1000 potatoes.)

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Have you ever gotten a gift that was so great that it almost brought you to tears? That was me and my kitchen aid mixer.  My family got it for me for an anniversary gift and it was something that I thought I was going to be saving up for a long time (since we had just bought our house, etc. etc.).  I love this thing – I don’t get to use it as much as I would like but when I do, I just feel like a real cook!

A Great Chef’s Knife

A very talented chef friend of mine was doing cooking classes for awhile and I had the privilege of attending one.  I learned a lot but the main thing was how to cut properly and the importance of a good knife.  So, a few weeks later, Blake and I found ourselves at the Home Show, purchasing my very own chef knife.  It’s this bad boy and it is basically the only knife I use now (except a bread knife).

A Pizza Stone

Pizza is just short of a religion for me and is the base of my food pyramid.  We spent every Friday growing up having homemade pizza and it is one of my best family memories.  And friends – pizza is not pizza without a pizza stone and I love this one.  Cooks evenly and the handles make it super easy to handle.


So what about you? What’s your kitchen must-have?

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