5 Things I Don’t Need In My Kitchen

5 Things I Don’t Need In My Kitchen

How to declutter the kitchen

So now that I’m all up on this #lessismoreliving, that has also applied to my stuff.  I am a bit of a clutterbug.  My house isn’t dirty, it’s messy and it’s because I have too much junk.  (Actually, as I look around, I realize it might be dirty too but I’m pinning that one on Wolfie).

Anyway, I’m decluttering!  So as I do, I realize there is a TON of junk that I don’t need in my kitchen.  If you’re thinking about getting rid of stuff too, hopefully it helps.


I don’t know why, but I had three cake servers.  Three!!!  The amount of times I have baked a cake is less than that!!!  Why do I have so many?!  Same with the half dozen serving spoons, the endless spatulas, etc.  I am not the Barefoot Contessa having beautiful dinner parties every week.  Don’t need them!!!

Orphaned Tupperware

Went through all my tupperware and all the lids that were missing containers and containers missing lids – GONE! Put them in recycling.


I went through a binge of buying cookbooks.  A lot.  I think it was the thought that I’d be a great cook if I had the cookbooks.  This is the same insanity that makes me buy fitness magazines, because reading about how to get one is going to get me one.  In any event, except for the five that I will never, ever, get rid of (and that will be a separate post), they were gone.  We have the internet.  We have Pinterest.  We are good.

Extra Dishes

Before we got married, Blake and I took a wine class at the LCBO – which by the way, I totally recommend if you’re near one that offers it.  Anyway, as a result, we got a ton of wine glasses when we got married.  Since I do an annual Wine & Grilled Cheese Party, I do use the glasses, but it’s once a year.  Boxed 75% of them up and put them in the basement since we will otherwise never be having 50 people over to drink wine.

Appliances You Never Use

My mom gave me her old juicer once and I was full of ideas as to what I was going to do with it.  Fresh squeezed juice for days!!!!  Then it just collected dust for months and months until I finally accepted that I was not a juicer person.  I am sure we all have things like that, that we are holding onto for some imaginary version of ourselves that is just not real life!

p.s. I am working on a post about what to do with all this stuff you want to get rid of so stay tuned for that!

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