Survival Guide to Teething Babies

Survival Guide to Teething Babies

Your guide to surviving your baby teething

So the idea of teething is really torture-style brutal, right?  Your baby’s teeth are tearing through his gums slowly. And think about tooth pain? It goes right into your soul.  Ugh.  My poor Wolfie.  He’s been teething basically since he came out of my body and I can’t even imagine.  My heart just breaks for him and I wish it was me instead.

To be fair to him, he’s been really cool about the whole thing.  I chalk that up to two reasons:

  1. He is the best baby that ever existed (#delusionalmom); and
  2. We have good friends who gave us tips on what to do when it seemed like a slobbery, crying, red-faced little monster had body-snatched our sweet little man.

So let’s jump right in, shall we?  (P.S. this isn’t an ad or sponsored or anything like that.  Because I’m not cool and no one corporate knows I exist.  This is just my opinion and what worked for us.)

#1 – Boon Silicone Pulp Feeder

We freaking LOVE this thing.  It has taken our little monster from rabid and wild-eyed to chill.  If you fill this bad boy up with frozen berries, it’s a) nice and cool on his little gums; and b) a super tasty treat!  The fact that it is also good for his motor skills is just a bonus.  (Also we tried putting other things in there but found frozen berries works the best!)

#2 – Sophie the Giraffe

Okay so literally every kid in the world has one of these right?  And with good reason – there’s so many different things to chew on and it is super easy to grab.  It’s non-toxic too which is nice.

#3 – Homeocan Teething Oral Solution

I don’t take a lot of pain relievers and I don’t want to be pumping Wolfie full of drugs either.  So when my friend suggested this, I was really excited.  It is sugar- and dye-free, super easy to give and helped with his pain and irritation.

#4 – A Good Teether

We got this one and it has been great – Wolfie loves it, it looks insanely cute, is non-toxic and BPA free and it clips on.  And that clip is not messing around!

#5 – Vaseline

With great teething comes great drooling.  With great drooling  comes great skin irritation on his little chin.  So my doctor recommended a bit of Vaseline there so the drool will just slide off and not irritate and that does seem to help.

#6 – Baby Tylenol

Remember when I said that I didn’t want to give Wolfie drugs.  I don’t but remember how I also described the graphic horror show that is teething?  Sometimes all of these wonderful, natural solutions have just not cut it and he needs something a bit stronger.  It’s like us – I’m not going to take Tylenol for every headache but some of them are such big doozies that it is absolutely necessary.

So there you have it – how we have gotten through teething so far in one piece!

Comment below on how you have managed your baby’s teething.

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