A Guide to Using Hummus for More Than Dipping

A Guide to Using Hummus for More Than Dipping


So, my upbringing was pretty sheltered when it came to food.  My mom’s parents are British so she was used to the standard meat and potatoes type dinners.  She didn’t even have pizza until she was 19!  I can’t even imagine…a life without pizza…(but now that my mom knows I’m blogging and may be reading…you’re not a weirdo Mom.  Love you!)

Anyway, needless to say, we weren’t eating a whole lot of hummus growing up so when I tried it for the first time, it was a freaking revelation.  What do you mean this delicious dip is healthy and a good source of protein?!  Blew my mind!

But you guys – hummus is WAY more than dip!!!!  Checkout where else you can use it…

  1. Pasta – The Kitchn (one of my favourite websites) has a great post on how you can even use hummus in mac and cheese!  Tried it – it’s pretty good.  It gives it a weirdly nutty taste that somehow works.
  2. Pizza – this one came to me from a friend of mine.  She was making pizza for some vegetarians and started slathering hummus on for extra protein.  You can use it in place of pizza sauce or in addition to pizza sauce.  If you use it with pizza sauce, you don’t even know it’s there!
  3. Sandwiches/Wraps – instead of mayo, put hummus on there!  Less fat + more protein.  Heck yes!
  4. Naan and Arugula Salad – recipe coming soon!!!
  5. Roasted veggie flatbread – recipe here – perfect for #meatlessmonday

So there you have it – go to Costco, get a tub of hummus and go nuts!  (Or go chickpeas? Man I’m a nerd…)

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