Month: February 2018

Tips For a Successful Road Trip With a Baby

Are you going on a road trip with a baby? Here are the strategies to keep your trek from becoming a wreck. (Am I Carrie Bradshaw now?  Making these little rhymes…) Wolf has had a […]

Homemade Pawsicles (aka Frozen Yogurt Treats)

A few days ago was National Love Your Pet Day which is basically every day in our household. However it did inspire me to finally make Gromit some homemade frozen yogurt treats! These are super […]

How To Introduce Your Baby to Your Dog (And Make Them Be Best Friends)

You want to make sure your baby and fur-baby are friends, right?  Learn how to introduce your baby to your dog! Gromit was actually the first one to know I was pregnant. That includes me. […]

How I Plan on Parenting Like My Parents

Parenting ideas I’m totally ripping off from my parents… A timeline of how I have viewed my parents: Birth-11 years old: My parents are the coolest and know everything. 12-19: My parents don’t know anything […]

How to Make the Best Banana Bread

Follow my blog with Bloglovin for more recipes like this banana bread! First of all, I’ve been making up silly songs for Wolfie. I am like the Weird Al of baby songs. Our latest? Bananas […]

5 Things In My Kitchen That I Cannot Live Without

  Blake is a true minimalist and if it were up to him, we would scrap everything we own and just have about 3 things.  Obviously that would be ridiculous, but we do have a […]

5 Things I Don’t Need In My Kitchen

How to declutter the kitchen So now that I’m all up on this #lessismoreliving, that has also applied to my stuff.  I am a bit of a clutterbug.  My house isn’t dirty, it’s messy and […]

My Secret to Great Sweet Potato Soup

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Who doesn’t love sweet potato soup? So it’s around this time of year that I start to feel like winter will never…ever…end. Maybe it’s all the snow we’ve gotten or because […]

Three Ingredient Stain Remover

  So, I always forget to put a bib on Wolfie.  Like basically 90% of the time.  And as a result, his clothes are constantly getting stained.  And I know this and I continue to […]

An Outsider’s Guide to Feeding the Celiac

  For someone neurotic like me, hostessing is nerve-wracking.  If TV has taught me anything, it’s that most dinner parties end up with small fires, exposed secrets or the trifle that Rachel makes on Friends.  […]