How I Save 30% On Dog Food

How I Save 30% On Dog Food

So I talked about before how Gromit has a sensitive stomach and we feed him sensitive stomach dog food as a result.

Of course, we are happy to do that (because again, he’s the best dog ever) but it does hit the wallet harder than his old dog food.

However, thanks to combining a couple easy things, we can save money and not have to worry about it!

So let’s start with our dog food.  A 30 lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (or about 1.5-2 months for us) is $70.99 at PetSmart.  Brutal, right?

On Amazon, it is $69.99.  Already saving $1.

However, we also use Subscribe & Save.  What’s that?

Basically, certain items are available so that you receive them on a regular basis.  If you have more than 5 items in a month, you save 15%.  Anything below that is 5%.  But here’s the thing – you can cancel subscriptions, postpone them, etc.  So just pick 5 things that you need that are available in “Subscribe and Save” and you’re going to save 15% off the whole order.  If you only need it one time, just cancel after that.  For us, I get Wolfie’s formula and diapers and then fill the rest of the order with small and cheap things (i.e. dish soap).

For our dog food, that saves us an additional $10.50.

Now Swagbucks…

Swagbucks is insanely popular – I am easily the millionth budget blog to write about it.  Here’s the deal – you can sign up here. You earn points doing a bunch of different things (i.e. surveys, watch videos, use it as a search engine, quick polls, online shopping, etc. etc.) and it will give you points called Swagbucks.   They even have a thing now where you can buy gift cards and receive a percentage back with Swagbucks.

You can trade those Swagbucks in for gift cards to tons of places – such as Amazon.

How much does it help? It depends – obviously I am not going to retire a millionaire on my mad Swagbucks money.  But on average, I’m saving about $10 every time I buy dog food and I’m putting an extraordinary little amount of effort into it.

So to summarize…



Amazon Price – $69.99

– $1.00

Discount (Subscribe and Save) –  $59.49


Swagbucks – $49.99


TOTAL PRICE: $49.49                   TOTAL SAVINGS: $21.50 or 30%


And that is how it’s done folks!

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