Easiest Chicken Soup Ever

Easiest Chicken Soup Ever


What is it about food that connects so strongly with our memory? For me, home is my mom’s chicken noodle soup.  It’s not healthy, there’s not a single vegetable in it but it tastes like a warm hug for my soul.  Even now, sometimes when I’m sick, she makes it for me and the strength of that chicken soup is worth about 1,000 Dayquils.

So obviously, I thought my mom was this soup magician who had some secret ingredients, some special process passed on from generation to generation.

I thought wrong.  It’s actually SUPER easy and SUPER simple.  And obviously you can change it up to meet your needs (i.e. add some veggies if you don’t want scurvy, use gluten free noodles, etc.) but the basics are actually hella basic.

Here we go:

  1. Take a whole chicken carcass.   I make roasted chicken on a fairly regular basis but it can be one you get from the grocery store or Costco.  Just pick off most of the chicken and plop it in a pot and fill it with water.  You can add other things too (i.e. I do a lemon roasted chicken so I keep the lemons in there too.  Gives it a bit of an added flavour.)  You’ll have something like this:
  2. Heat and simmer uncovered until the meat is falling off the bones – at least 30 minutes.
  3. Strain the broth into a container, cover and put in the fridge overnight.
  4. Pick any chicken off of the carcass (what an ugly word eh?).  Set aside in the fridge.
  5. The next day, the fat will have separated from the broth and will look something like this:
  6. Scoop out the fat and throw it out.
  7. Take the remaining broth and bring to a boil.
  8. Add a packet of Knorr’s Chicken Noodle Soup mix.  (Yes – you’re using a soup mix.  Yes – it’s kind of cheating.  Yes – you need to get over it, it’s really good soup.)
  9. Add your chicken and about two handfuls of uncooked egg noodles.  Don’t go overboard on the noodles.  It sucks up all the broth.

And BAM you have the easiest chicken noodle soup known to mankind!

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