Make or Buy? (Chocolate Milk Powder)

Make or Buy? (Chocolate Milk Powder)

The less is more life doesn’t always mean that the cheapest choice is the best choice.  So today – is it worth it to buy or make chocolate milk powder?

Backstory to this disaster – I love chocolate milk.  I had a glass of chocolate milk every single day for breakfast from the time I was 10 years old until I discovered coffee. (Feel free to judge me and my parents for that terrible nutrition choice – we know).

So, I am craving hard for chocolate milk and there is none in the house.  I am like, this sounds like a job for Pinterest.  And it was!  Immediately I am seeing pin after pin with beautiful pictures of fresh, cold chocolate milk.  Better yet – all I needed was 3 ingredients that I totally had!!!  Could this get any better?!

It sucked.  It sucked so badly.  Let me try to describe how bad, using romantic comedies.  Remember when you realized in The Notebook that Allie’s mom never gave her Noah’s letters and you were like “Man, that mom projecting her own regrets in life onto her daughter sucks so much!”?  Or when it was clear in Titanic that Jack was going to die, and Rose’s world just opened up because she LITERALLY just discovered what true love was and you thought, “Man, icebergs suck so much!”?  (And also, they both could have fit on that door.  For real.)

Maybe these moments are exclusive to me but the point is that this was worse.  It sucked SO much.  It was this chunky, chalky blend of awful that didn’t mix with milk.  It instead created this brownish coloured milk peppered with chunks of cocoa powder at the top and tasted like failure.

So then, being the genius that I am, I thought I’d try putting it in my magic bullet to see if it would blend then.  I apparently forgot about every time I blew bubbles in my chocolate milk because that foamed up like a boss and made a huge mess everywhere. (I’m truly an idiot).  It did blend into the milk at that point, but it still tasted like a bad imitation of chocolate milk.  It was sort of close if you did the taste version of squinting, but it wasn’t there.

Anyway, verdict….


(Unless you feel like your life is going too smoothly and want to change that.  Or maybe you want to show someone in your life that you actually hate their guts.  If that’s the case, make homemade chocolate milk powder.  Sit back, take notice of the fact that the birds outside have stopped singing and watch the light slowly drain from your life.)

(Also, do I maybe take my chocolate milk too seriously?)

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