Why I Love College Cookbooks

Why I Love College Cookbooks


What are the similarities between me – a stay at home mom – and a typical student? Both of our Saturday nights include getting puked on and a good night’s sleep is basically a myth.

When it comes to the kitchen though, we actually have a lot in common.  We are both limited in terms of our time, money, (and since I’ve started decluttering) kitchen gadgets/utensils.  We can’t always splurge on the best ingredients so if a recipe calls for something a little nicer, it really needs to make the whole thing pop.  They’re avoiding the Freshman Fifteen, I’m trying to rid myself of the Post-Partum Ponch.   All of us are trying to cover our basic nutrition and enjoy eating without breaking the bank.

So on that note, one of my favourite cookbooks is College Cooking by Megan and Jill Carle.  I bought it in a bargain bin when I first moved out and it has survived and replaced many of the other cookbooks I own.  It starts out with the basics – how to build up a pantry, equipment, and the basics.  From there, it splits into sections each covering a specific need from impressing a dinner date to using up leftovers to cooking for a group.

My personal favourite – Cucumber Melon Salad.   Anything with prosciutto is a win for me, but this salad is so fresh and clean tasting.  One of my summer staples for sure and a salad that even Mr. No-Veggies Blake is on board with!  Prosciutto is not cheap, but it’s worth the splurge for sure!

The tone is light and breezy, the recipes are easy to follow and, for the super-nerd like me, there’s trivia about food history.

Solid win and solid recommendation to you!  Buy it here.

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