How to Cut Your Baby’s Nails

How to Cut Your Baby’s Nails

Thinking how to cut your baby’s nails?  Read on…

Here’s how to NOT cut your baby’s nails.  Do not cut your baby’s nails while they are awake.  They WILL squirm.  You WILL cut their finger a bit.  They WILL cry.  You WILL cry more.  Every single time you cut their nails after that will feel like dismantling a very tiny bomb.  You WILL feel the pressure like Tom Cruise in the original Mission Impossible. You WILL sweat more than that time you realized you had food poisoning on the subway but still had like five stops to go.   It WILL take you 15 minutes to cut two nails.

Seriously, it’s just not worth the stress.  Wait until your baby is like 20 minutes asleep and then swoop in like a baby pit crew.  Then you WILL feel like parent of the year, your baby WILL keep all his fingers and no one will feel like Tom Cruise (unless you want to jump on a couch – you do you girl!)

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