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Why a Price Book is Important

  So I love to brag – even though I know I shouldn’t.  But I weirdly love to brag in a SUPER specific area – finding insane deals.  A former colleague used to beg me […]

Survival Guide to Teething Babies

Your guide to surviving your baby teething So the idea of teething is really torture-style brutal, right?  Your baby’s teeth are tearing through his gums slowly. And think about tooth pain? It goes right into […]

A Guide to Using Hummus for More Than Dipping

  So, my upbringing was pretty sheltered when it came to food.  My mom’s parents are British so she was used to the standard meat and potatoes type dinners.  She didn’t even have pizza until […]

Freezer Cooking – Preparation

Part of my quest for a simpler life means simple choices. Right now, my simple choice is “figure out what to make for dinner” or “Domino’s” and guess which one wins? This is bad because […]

Quick & Easy Roasted Veggie Flatbread

Make this delicious roasted veggie flatbread for dinner tonight! Hey guys –  I am really bad with whim purchases.  I go grocery shopping, buy stuff because it’s on sale and get home and am like […]

How I Save 30% On Dog Food

So I talked about before how Gromit has a sensitive stomach and we feed him sensitive stomach dog food as a result. Of course, we are happy to do that (because again, he’s the best […]

Berry Nice Coupon Opportunity

It’s for berries.  In case you didn’t get that from the title.  Pun-master in the house! Okay you guys, I like to read.  A lot.  And I particularly like to read while I’m eating.  Some […]

Why We Are Eating Less Meat

  Happy Meatless Monday everyone!!! I don’t know about you but my family is making a big effort to eat less meat in 2018.  (Except for Wolfie – he just eats whatever we give him!)  […]

Easiest Chicken Soup Ever

  What is it about food that connects so strongly with our memory? For me, home is my mom’s chicken noodle soup.  It’s not healthy, there’s not a single vegetable in it but it tastes […]

Make or Buy? (Chocolate Milk Powder)

The less is more life doesn’t always mean that the cheapest choice is the best choice.  So today – is it worth it to buy or make chocolate milk powder? Backstory to this disaster – […]